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If you are wondering what one does when vacationing in the Lebanese mountains, this is one activity; plucking seeds from sunflowers and eating them raw with  a six-year old niece who is just as eager as I to partake in the fun.

I was trying to show Marie (said niece) how to extract the seed by gnawing  on their black shell with one’s front two teeth; her response was: “but look, Tante Joumana, I lost my two front teeth!”, with a bin grin to show me that indeed they were gone. Well, Marie, being a resourceful child, said: “No problem, I will use my side teeth!”.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Just wait a bit for your sunflowers to be ripe to get their seeds picked. 

 Did you know the sunflower seeds contain 52% of iron? (per 100 g.) and 230% of Vitamin E? (Wikipedia)

A great recipe for roasted (and salted) sunflower seeds is found here.


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  1. T.W. Barritt says:

    Are you pulling the seeds from the center of the flower? I never thought about harvesting sunflower seeds in the field. Must be the peak of freshness!

    • Joumana says:

      @T.W. you just pluck them out, one seed at a time; I’m sure there’s a more efficient way though! 🙂

      @Scott: any time! 🙂

  2. Belinda @zomppa says:

    I adore these…especially chocolate-covered ones!

  3. Scott Thaler says:

    They look delicious! Never tried them raw..will have to come and visit to have a handful.!

  4. kashgar says:

    trying raw sunflower seed is quite good, in some way it tastes like raw walnut. If you fry it in the pot with some salt on it, it also becomes more tasty as well.

  5. Heavy Hedonist says:

    Ha! The squirrels usually get most of my sunflower seeds before I notice they’re ready to harvest.

  6. Juliana says:

    I never roasted sunflower seeds, my husband loves these seed 🙂
    Nice pictures Joumana…hope you are having a nice week!

  7. Isabelle says:

    Très amusante cette cueillette avec Marie 🙂 je ne savais pas que les graines de tournesol étaient aussi riches en fer et vit.E. Merci.

  8. Nada says:

    Hello… please where can i find the sunflower fields in lebanon????🙈 Thank you

  9. Builddaysis.Com says:

    Want to learn how to roast sunflower seeds? These simple instructions will show you how leave you with a tasty, portable baseball game snack to enjoy!

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