Thanksgiving turkey

November 21, 2015  •  Category: ,

Turkey with rice stuffing

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am going to be posting pictures every day of recipes I have published in my cookbook. This one is a classic roasted turkey stuffed with spiced rice, garnished with lots and lots of fried nuts and even some roasted chestnuts.
I hope the internet cooperates. The snail I see on the broccoli leaves (half eaten by said snail) moves faster than the internet in Lebanon. It took me two hours to post this picture. Enough whining.

Enjoy the holidays and keep your mind on future (happy) plans!

snail eats broccoli leaves
snail eats broccoli leaves


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  1. MyKabulKitchen says:

    This looks like how my mom makes our Thanksgiving turkey, but I love your addition of roasted chestnuts!

  2. Lina says:

    Can you post the recipe of the Thanx giving Turkey?

  3. Amara says:

    O the pic is making me feeling hungry. Looks it is great recipe to host a party at home. Will try one. Get to know more about halal accreditation.

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