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Anyone who has grown-up in Lebanon will attest to the fact that zaatar is as essential to a Lebanese as milk and cereal to an American. Most of us also recognize that we will not get the best zaatar from a supermarket’s shelf. The lucky ones could count on a grandma or aunt who would painstakingly harvest the wild herb, dry it, take it to the mill and mix it with the traditional  sumac, sesame seeds and salt. Lacking the benevolent relative, one had the option of a day-trip at a monastery somewhere in the Lebanese mountains or  a producer at a farmer’s market. Any of the aforementioned options being infinitely better than an industrially produced zaatar mix containing more dust than flavor, and in which the sprigs are routinely milled with the leaves to increase volume and profit. Zaatar in our collective psyche is always packaged in a basic plastic bag with a sticker and a handwritten price. No frills and no surprises.

Well  this is no longer the case. A new zaatar has appeared recently with a whimsical logo, clever branding and the revolutionary concept of many new zaatar mixes to choose from, not just the perennial classic zaatar mix of our grandmas and ancestors. This zaatar concept, The Good Thymes, is the brainchild of graphic designer Fadi Aziz and his entourage of zaatar devotees.

Here is why I personally was sold on this new product:

  1. Quality: This is a superior zaatar grown in South Lebanon where climate conditions ensure the best flavor.
  2. Artisan product: Here the zaatar is produced in an artisan fashion, manually harvested, dried and milled by experts in the community.
  3. Creativity: Here zaatar is taken out of its stifling use as a condiment for labneh or a topping for manooshe for breakfast. With nine different mixes encompassing 48 different ingredients (from goji berries, to cranberries, pistachios, ginger, sumac, dried limes, to name a few). This concept is thus freeing the confines of zaatar to allowing the cook to use zaatar is many composed meals and layers of flavors with other foods.
  4. Values: Fadi Aziz insists on hiring locals from his community, even if it means higher cost and less profit. He has also hired physically challenged people, in order to help them out and involve them in the business. When it comes to the direction of his business, he  prefers to stay hands-on, as an artisan producer, with a keen concern for quality.  He has embraced the help of  seasoned zaatar growers, such as world zaatar expert Abu Kassem.
  5. Taste: I have tasted many of the varieties on display and really liked the zaatar flavor and the different combos. I am going back to try the zaatar and keshek(made with goat yogurt) combo!


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  1. Andrew Koizumi says:


    Very nice article about zaatar. I live in Los Angeles and I have bought zaatar and sumac from an Armenian grocery/bakery shop. Fairly good quality.

    Where can I buy the zaatar described in your article? I would love to get a pound of this lovely herb.

    Thank you,

      • Andrew Koizumi says:

        I visited the website given by STEVE S. and I emailed them. Here is the response from Fady Aziz:

        “We’re working now to have internal shipments directly through our website, but
        it’s still taking time. For the time being clients from US are placing their orders online, transfer the money through western union after sending them the total cost including shipment, and then order is processed. ”

        So there you go thyme lovers……

  2. Kathleen says:

    Please give us a source would love to try all of them.


  3. Velva says:

    I should not even mention that it is probably almost impossible to find a good quality zaatar or sumac where I live (sigh). I can totally appreciate the how importance of quality of the seasoning in Lebanese cooking.


  4. Joumana Accad says:

    Hello folks,
    I totally appreciate where you are coming from, as I was in your shoes for 30+years in the US. Good quality zaatar was nowhere to be found. I trust these folks will figure out the international shipping aspect real soon, as they are getting flooded with demand. Will keep you posted!
    In response to Velva, Kathleen, Steve, Andrew.

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  7. Jihad Bilal says:

    To the owner(s) of Lelo Fine Foods:

    This is NOT a free forum for you to advertise your products. This is a forum for the readers of Taste of Beirut to exchange ideas and thoughts about Lebanese food.

    So do us the favor and stop advertising here. I am Lebanese and am very upset with your intrusion here. I promise you will never see a dime from me. Take your product and advertise elsewhere.


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