Three minute berry ice-cream

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I learned  to make this ice-cream from my mother; an ardent Francophile, she lived  almost twenty years in France in the seventies and eighties, touring the country forward, backward and sideways; when she cooked,  it was French cuisine. I saw her make this ice-cream one day in preparation for an upcoming party and was incredulous: How can something that good be so easy to make?

You will make this in three minutes flat and you don’t need a recipe, nor an ice-cream maker!

iI you want it creamier, add more cream! Sweeter? Add more sugar! Store the cream in the freezer and you are done! The day of the party, let it soften a bit and scoop out elegant balls on dainty meringue trivets, if you want. The taste is incredibly fresh, whether you use fresh or frozen berries. Here is the no– recipe, courtesy of maman.


  • 1 quart basket of strawberries or 1 pint strawberries and 2 pints raspberries or two bags of frozen raspberries or strawberries or a combination of both or some fresh raspberries and a bag of frozen strawberries or…..
  • a generous cup of whipping cream, add more if you like it creamier
  • 1/2  tablespoon of fresh lemon juice on the berries if you like
  • 1 generous cup of sugar (or more if you like it sweeter)


  1. If using fresh strawberries and raspberries, clean them.
  2. Place the fruits in a blender, add the cream and sugar, (lemon juice if you like) and puree for about one minute or two.
  3. Pour into a mold and freeze.

If using meringue trivets:

Use 3 egg whites and one cup of sugar and a dash of cream of tartar and salt; beat the whites with the cream of tartar, add the sugar gradually till  the meringue is shiny and stiff; place small mounds or pipe small trivets on a baking sheet lined with a silpat or parchment paper;  bake at 250F  for a couple of  hours until totally dry.


Maman used crème fraîche, but since I live in the US, I used heavy whipping cream; feel free to play around with this recipe.

Three Minute Berry Ice Cream


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  1. Lydia says:

    I make something similar in a food processor, using frozen strawberries, bananas and apple juice. I love how quickly it comes together.

  2. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    3 minutes? I read the post title and couldn’t believe it. I so must try this. Merci beaucoup toi maman pour la recette!

  3. The Gypsy Chef says:

    What an amazing no recipe recipe! I love the meringue trivets, terrific idea. Thank Maman for me. I would love to try this with cherries. Off to Trader Joe’s tomorrow I guess.
    Love your blog. Lovely pics and recipes. I love Middle Eastern food. Can’t wait to see the rest.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Isn’t it fun to meet new friends through old ones?

  4. noobcook says:

    I never thought it can be this easy to make ice cream. Looks so refreshing!

  5. Ivy says:

    This sounds amazing. What kind of whipping cream do you use? I suppose it must be full fat 35%.

  6. The Little Teochew says:

    I am sold! Count me in. I will make this. It’s so pretty … and it’s unbelievably easy!

  7. Sook says:

    Oh I want to taste that icecream right now! It looks so pretty too!

  8. Dimah says:

    This looks amazingly good!

  9. sophia says:

    3 minutes! And no ice-cream maker! Oh, this is a dream come true! I Love it! Thank you! AAAH!!

  10. Devaki says:

    How absolutely mind blowingly wonderful, Joumana!

    I have 4 lbs of strawberries in the refrigerator so I will make these & I will keep you posted 😉 I know the kids will LOVE it!

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  11. Sushma Mallya says:

    Very beautiful, and so quick….thanks for sharing this one…

  12. Miriam says:

    Lovely with the meringues, incredible what a blender can do for you! I make a similar thing, you can even use bananas alone! And if you want a sorbet instead of an ice-cream, skip the cream.

  13. MaryMoh says:

    That’s fast! You can imagine how much ice cream I’m going to eat when summer comes 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  14. Rosa says:




  15. Katie says:

    Now, this I can make! I don’t have an ice cream maker (or any intent of getting one) but it would be nice on occasion. This is perfect. I bet it would work with peaches, too!

  16. Joanne says:

    I just got an ice cream maker but am still not completely comfortable using it. This looks delicious! I am definitely going to have to give it a try.

  17. Doria says:

    Je fond complètement devant tes photos !!!!
    Quelle belle gourmandise !
    Je te souhaite un très bon lundi,
    Bisous, Doria

  18. Priya says:

    This berry ice cream sounds truly fabulous…

  19. oum mouncifrayan says:

    je viens de parcourir tout ce que j’ai raté de chez toi…ton blog est une encyclopédie de belles recettes et surtout magnifiques photos même avec des recettes simples, mais ta présentation est méga originaaale…chose à ne pas passer à coté…elles sont super professionnelles……je t’en félicite…. un grand plaisir de te lire sur mon blog..merci, bisous

  20. fimère says:

    3 petites minutes pour un résultat qui ne laisse pas mes papilles indifférentes!!!
    magnifique succulente recette que je m’empresse d’essayer
    bonne journée

  21. TastyTrix says:

    Merci beaucoup, Maman! This will be the perfect thing to make as the muggy Mid Atlantic summer begins to roll in.

  22. shanthi says:

    Lovely and awesome. Meanwhile plantain stem is the white inner portion of the branch of a banana tree

  23. Laura says:

    Wow! I’m gonna have to try this recipe. Heavenly.

  24. doggybloggy says:

    this is, by far, the simplest ice cream recipe I have ever seen and I will be using it often – thanks and the idea of meringue trivets is brilliant!

  25. Angie's Recipes says:

    Quick and yummy summer treat!

  26. Katie @ Cozydeliciou says:

    You had me at three minutes! I adore my ice cream maker, but I never seem to remember to put it in the freezer a day in advance. This ice cream looks so yummy and easy and perfect for spring. I may have to try it with peaches. Thank you (and your Mom)!

  27. sweetlife says:

    3minutes..i’m in..looks so refreshing and tasty


  28. Velva says:

    Oh my goodness this is easy to make! I have strawberries coming out the wazoo ( bad english, 🙂 ) This is perfect. I will be whipping some of this delight up this afternoon.

  29. Namitha says:

    3 minutes sounds amazing…there is no reason that I shouldn’t try this…thanks for sharing 🙂

  30. Barbara Bakes says:

    This looks like summer, sweet and delicious!

  31. Asmaa says:

    Délicieuse recette

  32. Faith says:

    I had no idea making such a beautiful ice cream could be so easy! Thank you so much for sharing — I will be putting this recipe to good use a lot this summer!

  33. tigerfish says:

    3-minute ice-cream..I’m amazed!

  34. Arlette says:

    Gorgeous treat any time… I cannot wait for summer, we have bushes and bushes of berries at the lot, and needs to be picked..I wait for my father in law to pick and share with me to do this treat…
    I will give you the recipe for cream fraiche… very similar to making yogurt….

  35. 5 Star Foodie says:

    A perfect frozen treat! I love that it only takes three minutes of prep!

  36. Jennifer says:

    SO cute and unique!

  37. The KitchenMasochist says:

    This is perfect for the hot tropical weather here! It’s mango season here and I think it will go perfectly with this recipe. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  38. Julie says:

    C’est une super recette, comme je les aime : facile et rapide à réaliser pour un résultat super sans sorbetière, le top ! Plein de bisous!

  39. Michelle says:

    Stunning photos and the color is gorgeous!

  40. Mariana says:

    For an avid food lover, your blog is absolutely pure gold. What an amazing recipe. Thank you so much for generously sharing such precious and practical recipes.

  41. Sophie says:

    Waw!! Your berry ice cream looks so easy to make & is still so georgous too!

  42. ZAHRA says:

    C.est magnifique !
    Tu as un trés beau blog, continu comme çà ! $$

  43. heni says:

    3 min huh? mmm i’m def in for this treat Joumana!

  44. Valerie says:

    I was raised by my grandmother and she used to make the same one when i was a little girl… it brings back some fond memories to me
    i’ve never bought any industrial strawberry sherbet/icecream ever since.

  45. Alépine says:

    Très belle présentation ! et recette à tester rapidement…

  46. Joycelyn Martowski says:

    My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  47. domi says:

    Excellent pour passer 3 minutes délicieuses…

  48. claudia says:

    looks easy and tasty yum!!

  49. Ann says:

    I’ve been doing this for years. I use a bunch of things – whatever is in the house – berries, bananas, and even grapes I have tried. Sometimes I like to put yoghurt in instead of heavy cream or milk. It is easily made Vegan, too.

  50. Denise Browning says:

    Just to let you know that this dish made the list of the 25 mouthwatering dishes from different blogs in From Brazil To You…Cheers!

  51. http:// says:

    Τhis is a topic that’s close to my heart… Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

  52. priya says:

    Lovely easy icecream.Have to make it for my daughter …probably in next summer.


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