Tri-cheese and arak dip

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Anybody watching the Super Bowl? I am not this year, but it is an excuse to make a dip anyhow.  Use all your leftover cheeses (can melt them in some arak or wine), add some nuts (pecans) and a bit of arak to the mix. Make it creamy and a bit pungent. Make some french fries (once is allowed, OK!) and sit comfortably to watch  grown men getting busy on the field.

INGREDIENTS: Quantity will make 1 1/4 cup, or 6 servings

  • 3 ounces of blue cheese (Roquefort, Amish, whatever)
  • 6 ounces of labneh (drain some yogurt overnight)
  • 2 ounces of goat cheese (substitute another cheese or more labneh)
  • 2 cloves of garlic, mashed with a pinch of salt in a mortar
  • one tablespoon of chopped parsley
  • 3 ounces of toasted pecans (or walnuts)
  • 2 Tablespoons of arak
  • 3 potatoes (large size, baking potatoes)
  • oil for frying (at least 3 cups)


  1. Place the pecans in a mini processor; process till chopped. Add the labneh, goat cheese, blue cheese, mashed garlic, parsley and arak. Process for two minutes. Taste and adjust seasonings, adding some black pepper or paprika if needed. Serve with fries or carrot and celery sticks.
  2. If making french fries, peel and cut into matchstick pieces. Heat the oil and fry one small batch at a time until the potatoes are barely colored, about 4 minutes. Remove and drain. When ready to eat, fry again for one or two minutes until golden and very crisp. Sprinkle salt and serve. (Make sure the oil is always at 375F, or very hot).

For the labneh recipe (super easy), click here.

Arak is Lebanon’s national drink; it is found at all major liquor stores throughout the US and Canada; it can be substituted with pastis, ouzo, raki, or anything else you fancy such as Armagnac or Cognac.


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  1. Devaki says:

    This yummy and the perfect accompaniment to watching grown men detting bust on the field…lol….excellent excellent flavors here Joumana 🙂

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  2. Devaki says:

    I meant GETTING BUSY,…….ugh …. the typos….

  3. Rosa says:

    Really tasty! Mmmhhh, I’d love to eat those fries…



  4. Adele says:

    At the moment we have the tennis going here in Melbourne, and it’s great watching, luckily for both boys and girls. Haven’t made any snacks yet, though.

  5. tigerfish says:

    Love the idea of the tip using leftover cheeses

  6. Barbara says:

    Looks wonderful, Joumana. A great idea for leftover cheeses…good with fries and also some polenta sticks I’m going to post next time.

  7. Velva says:

    I have no doubt that my husband will be planted squarely in front of the television for Super Bowl. It must be a guy thing (smile).

    The dip looks fabulous. Blue cheese and goat cheese (strong and mild cheeses) blended together is a nice combination. I am in love with the idea instead of potato chips, or other chips to use french fries. I will remember this idea.

    As always, I leave with a new idea or inspiration when I read your blog.


  8. Sara says:

    Yummy Dip! Perfect for Super Bowl party! 🙂

  9. Joan Nova says:

    This is a great dip. I like the combination of cheese and yogurt but what makes it special is the garlic, nuts and booze!

  10. Lyndsey says:

    Yes! This sounds yummy! I love anything blue cheese! Perfect. I’ll have to try some Arak.

  11. Hannah says:

    My dad, here in Australia, is taping every single game and watching it, even though almost no one in Australia cares. Thank heavens I moved out last year, although that does mean I need to find another excuse to make this cheesy dip! 😛

  12. Priya says:

    Dip looks soo creamy,rice and yummy..

  13. Eftychia says:

    This dip looks very tasty. Thank you for sharing. I think it will be great with kebab as well (meat on chargoal).

  14. Azita says:

    that’s a great dip for any family gatherings and those fries look so good!

  15. Bria @ WestofPersia says:

    What a crowd pleaser. Well done.

  16. blackbookkitchendiar says:

    this looks delicious:) i really love all of your creations.. amazing!

  17. peter says:

    More dipping options for Fries are always welcome…especially with anise flavourings!

  18. Sally says:

    Someone who know how to make proper chips (I’m British!)! I’ll be trying this dip – looks great with the crudites too.

  19. Adelina says:

    I am not so big on super bowl, but love your dip. I dip my fries in yogurt/labneh/ranch and love your take on this creamy dressing.

  20. Nadia says:

    I saw this one food52 and it looks amazing especially dipped w/ fries. I need to make this soon!

  21. Ivy says:

    Thank God we do not have super bowl over here but who needs an excuse for this delicious dip. Just bring the cheese and potatoes and a glass of wine for me please.

  22. 5 Star Foodie says:

    A very unique dip with those three delicious cheeses and arak, excellent!

  23. sensiblecooking says:

    Wow it is like you read my mind. Just yesterday I made cream cheese dip. This should be a crowd pleaser for super bowl as my house is the go to for super bowl, always.

  24. Maria says:

    Oh goodness, does that look good! I love dipping my fries into tzatziki so I am sure I would love dipping them into this as well.

  25. SYLVIA says:

    Who wouldn’t like to eat this cool creamy party dip? Take two Lebanese icons labneh and arak and combine them with blue and goat cheeses you would have out of this world unexpected rich spread. I am sure we can also use sweet potatoes. Thank you Joumana,

  26. MaryMoh says:

    Oooh…I love this….great in front of the TV. I met a lady a few years ago and she told me the best dip that she ever made was when she put all the different left over cheeses in her fridge, in a pot, add garlic and wine and melt it to use as dip….quite like yours. She said everyone liked it very much. Yours has to be very delicious!

  27. Diane says:

    This sound ideal for when we have aperitifs in France. Thanks for this I have made a note. Diane

  28. Kulsum at JourneyKit says:

    Can I please come live with you? Because this is so my kind of dip. I don’t really care for the super bowl but its the best excuse for finger foods and dips.

  29. Nadji says:

    Un plateau des plus plaisants. J’adore ce genre de plat où on se laisse aller pour déguster de très bonnes choses et oublier les calories.
    Bon week-end et à bientôt.

  30. sweffing says:

    I’ve never thought of combining a blue cheese and a goat cheese, a lovely idea, especially with the nut. And chips, oh, bliss!

  31. Kitchen Butterfly says:

    I love the chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them. Thin, crispy….organic natural shapes with a cool cheesy dip. Yum

  32. Maria @ Scandifoodie says:

    That is a real cheese lover’s dream! Sounds lovely!

  33. Kathy says:

    This looks great…I love labneh and with the addition of arak and blue cheese…wow! Can’t wait to try this.

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