Ultimate Lebanese burger

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Everyone these days is at the beach or by a pool; I missed Fourth of July this year and so I was daydreaming about what the Ultimate Lebanese Burger would taste like. 

For one, it would have some m’tabbal aka baba ghannouj aka eggplant caviar in lieu of mayo and mustard. The patty would be some classic kafta (ground meat with chopped onion and parsley and spices); the veggies would be a pared-down version of fattoush (less the pita croutons). 

Now if you lived in Beirut, it’d be easy to put it together; your butcher would prep the kafta for you, you could pick up a great m’tabbal from your favorite store and voilà! In the event these facilitators are not in your vicinity, here are some links to help you plan ahead and still make the burgers in no time whenever you’re ready.

M’tabbal or baba ghannouj recipe: Easy version and traditional version or that one




And, (how could I forget),  Ramadan Kareem!


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  1. Rosa says:

    Terrific! I’m drooling…



  2. Hanan says:

    haha, what a crazy idea!! You should patent it very quickly 😉

  3. Belinda @zomppa says:

    Rhis is my kind of burger!!

  4. Jamie says:

    Mmmmm now THIS is my kind of burger!

  5. Lyndsey@TinySkillet. says:

    Now that is some burger. I never use ground beef, so I really don’t make typical burgers. This is one that i would love to eat. i will have to try and make this for my family. They do like kafta, so I do have a head start! 😀

  6. Susan says:

    A delicious and beautiful burger! I have to admit, I needed to Google kafta. It sounds delicious! How wonderful that the butchers will make it for you.

  7. Angie@Angiesrecipes says:

    A healthier and delicious burger!

  8. Tom @ Tall Clover says:

    Joumana, this is brilliant. I may have to try it using pita bread too!

  9. Oui, Chef says:

    Oh my…the 4th of July will never be the same now that I have this recipe in my file….delicious!

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