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Plucked at high altitude (over 3000 feet) in the Shouf mountains in Lebanon, this vegetable is wild and highly prized for its exquisite taste. (it is also supposed to be full of antioxidants)

Anybody care to guess or know its name?

The answer (and a recipe) will be given in the next couple of days.


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  1. Mark Wisecarver says:

    Can’t remember the Lebanese name but…Job’s Nettle?

  2. Noha says:

    I am not sure but I think it’s 3arqub.

  3. rowyda says:

    i think they call it Akoub

  4. Mira says:

    Yum yum yum.. That is definitely akkoub.. It’s my favorite spring vegetable in Lebanon since I was a little child. I used to help my father clean it while mom and my sisters shook their heads at us. They simply didn’t think it was worth all the work. Not for me.. Dad and I used to sauté it and add it to scrambled eggs as a light dinner. Do u think it’s available in the US? Or does it even have an English name?

  5. Mark Wisecarver says:

    My second guess is with the ones above who went with Akoub.
    Wonderful plant that some of our very good family and friends are actually risking death to harvest nowadays.

  6. Tom | TallCloverFarm says:

    Joumana, you are opening my eyes to the beauty and culture of Lebanon, one post at a time. I do hope to visit someday, and marvel in the smiles, landscape and communities you’ve shared so generously. And as for the thistle, I have no idea. Though I do have Italian cardoons, which are about as close as I can get to being close.

    (sorry for the duplicate comment, the first had a broken link, please delete it.)

  7. Turkey's For Life says:

    Well I cheated anyway because I read your two later posts before this one. 🙂 Never heard of akoub nor seen it before. Does it only grow in Lebanon?

  8. cikamika says:

    I guess it is ors anni (eryngium or eryngo)

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