Monthly Archives: November 2010

Soup of lamb shanks and turnip greens

It happens to be cold and wet outside and you want something to warm you up and make you feel good. That’s easy! Grab some lamb shanks and some turnip greens and get them going on the stove. Did you ever eat the bone marrow of a lamb shank? You can pull it out with […]

Zaatar batons

Zaatar is a food  I simply can’t live without. So, every so often, I make something with zaatar; this time, I saw neat little packages of puff pastry at the Middle-Eastern grocer, already cut in small squares;  this puff pastry  is not unfortunately  made with pure butter from Danish cows. Oh well. The pastry squares […]

Chicken with potatoes and onions

My friend Kerene uses an expression which always makes me smile: “It’s a no-brainer!“ When I was fretting over a catering job that I felt ill-prepared for, her answer was: “Come on, Joumana, it’s a no-brainer!” Well, this herewith is truly a no-brainer, Lebanese-style. Stir-fry some chicken and veggies and add a typical homestyle Lebanese […]

Cranberry tart

I have been lazy this year, leaving all the cooking to my friend Kerene. In order to relieve some guilt, I figured I would make this tarte, filled with my favorite fruit of the season, cranberries. Plucked the idea for the filling from Lisa’s who made dainty, adorable, mini-tartlets covered with meringue. I would have […]

Last hour Thanksgiving ideas

Light but filling, this couscous lined with zucchini will complement a roasted turkey. For the recipe, click here. Baba Ghannouj or eggplant dip can be prepared in less than ten minutes (if you use my speedy method). For complete instructions, click here. Comfort food straight from Lebanese mountain villages, this bulgur, green beans and squash […]