The Fallacy of the Calorie

October 31, 2017  • 

This is a bedside book, a “Bible” for anyone interested in health, nutrition and food and learning how they are intertwined.

It’s an arduous book, dense with scientific facts and lingo, yet it is an entertaining one as well; Dr Michael Fenster never forgets to be the teacher. He knows how to lighten the load with puns and popular Hollywood or television references. But his teaching is thorough and irrefutable. He demonstrates through exhaustive analyses how our modern societies have paradoxically become victimized by technology and so-called progress when it comes to our most vital need: sustenance.

He uncovers the myths and lies and treacheries perpetrated at the macro level and gets down to the nitty-gritty: Is salt really the culprit?

Are grains really what they need to be?

What type of fat do we need to stay away from?

What is sugar doing to our body?

Do calories matter?

Reading this book will be a source of tremendous relief. Dr. Fenster’s manifesto is a permission to live well, to eschew quantity for quality, to make sound and enlightened food choices. The book opens a new life chapter, and leaves the reader wanting for more.

A must read!


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  1. Laura22 says:

    Thank you for this informative article

  2. marlene says:

    merci bcp joumana pour cet article . jusaue la je n’etais pas sure du contenu du livre mais la je suis convaincue , je dois le commander . cet ete j’ai lu le livre de Jean-Pierre Coffe ” arretons de manger de la m****” .. c’est poignant .. tout ce que cachent les etiquettes des produits !bonne lecture

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