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The street vendor is starting to sell roasted chestnuts and of course I had to grab a bag (can’t resist their smell). He had bags of these next to the chestnuts. I asked him “why are they yellow? I mean za3roor (hawthorn) is usually red”; he said “lady, they come in yellow as well and I am out of my red ones”. We talked about hawthorn for a while. He said: “You know these are so good for the heart!” (I knew, a cardiologist, friend of the family, pointed to a hawthorn in our garden in the mountain and said that the berries were a terrific antidote to heart disease).

The street vendor gave me a tea recipe for these; just boil them in water for 10 minutes and drink. 

Wash a handful of hawthorn berries real well and add a quart of fresh tap water. Bring to a simmer and let them simmer over gentle heat for 10 to 20  minutes. Drink the tea and chew on the berries if you like!

You can also just eat the berries!



NOTE: I used an online app, random number generator to pick the winner of the zaatar giveaway. The lucky zaatar recipient is Jamile Sultan Shiraz. Please e-mail me your address at joumana_accad@yahoo.com. 




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  1. Noor says:

    Oh wow that is very interesting! I love how Arabs make a tea from anything lol. I LOVE chestnuts and here they are starting to sell them as well but you have to drive to the desert. They roast these and corn yummy.

  2. leaf says:

    I wish we could get these berries here. I enjoyed having them in all sorts of treats in China!

  3. Susan says:

    Jourmana, your posts always make me wish I could savor all that you do!

  4. Alicia (foodycat) says:

    This is so interesting! Either your glasses are very small or these haws are much larger than the ones I’ve seen.

  5. Lola says:

    Dear Joumana, where can I find these hawthorn ( zaaroor ) in Dallas, TX ? Thank you.

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