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A delicious drink made from dried hibiscus flowers. I was gifted with a bunch from my gentleman-farmer friend Salah from Egypt. The taste is tangy and fruity, similar to cranberry flavor. I like to sweeten it and I drink it almost every day, either hot or cold. 

Hibiscus tea is supposed to be very healthy and is popular in the region, especially in Egypt. 

dup hibiscus drink



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  1. maritachicita says:

    The tea looks delicious. I love the picture

  2. Mariana says:

    Oh, I just love it, especially during summer, cold with a little bit of honey! 🙂 And yes, it is healthy, because it’s filled with vitamin C and I did find it in Syria also by the name of karkade. In Romania it can be found in Arabic or Turkish shops. 🙂

  3. Fawn @ Cowen Park Ki says:

    I love hibiscus tea! I made a cocktail with some a while back, with tequila! http://cowenparkkitchen.com/hibiscus-tea-margarita/

  4. teawithhazel says:

    your tea sounds lovely..i was just wondering whether the hibiscus you dried were the large variety as you’ve pictured because the link seems to depict a different variety..the large variety of hibiscus grow every where here in australia and i’d love to dry them for tea..jane

    • Joumana says:

      @teawith hazel these dried hibiscus were a gift from Egypt and next time i see the gentleman farmer I will ask him (in about a week) since it comes from his family’s farm in Egypt. I will give you more precisions at that time, promise!

  5. Tlazolteotl says:

    Hi Joumana,
    hibiscus tea is also very popular in Mexico, under the name of “agua de Jamaica”, but it’s consumed chilled and with the addition of lemon juice and sugar.
    I ignore if hibiscus tea was introduced by the Spaniards or by the Lebanese immigrants more recently.
    As you know lebanese cuisine had a fairly strong influence on some of the most popular mexican dishes of nowadays (tacos al pastor being the most famous probably).


    • Joumana says:

      @tlazolteotl: Would love to hear more your observations on Lebanese-influenced Mexican native cuisine! I know so many Lebanese who have settled in Latin America, especially Brazil and how they’ve managed to embed Lebanese dishes like kibbeh into the local culture.

  6. Zara says:

    Hi Joumana! I love Karkadeh tea, too! And just yesterday I came to know also that it may be used to normalize blood pressure, like this: cold karkadeh lowers blood pressure and hot one — raises. Beautiful picture by yours!

  7. Samy says:

    Hello! Are there any stores in Lebanon where they sell hibiscus flowers?

  8. Joumana Accad says:

    @Samy I would try in Bourj Hammoud, although I cannot give you a specific store yet. I got mine from someone who was just back from Egypt.

  9. Ahmed Mahmojd says:

    Hello All!

    I would love to bring you amazing news! My family and I are the founders of Karkade Tea; The Ancient Egyptian Elixir. We are the first to bring the popular Egyptian delicacy in Ready to Drink format. We import our hibiscus flowers from the lower lands of Egypt and brew and bottle our tea in beautiful Tampa, Florida! If you would like to order a case or have any questions please visit our website at KarkadeTea.com and Facebook and Instagram @karkadeteainc

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