Sablés with fresh pomegranate jelly

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Happy Eid el-Adha to all those celebrating!

These sablés cookies are in remembrance of my grandmother, Nabeeha, who used to make them from scratch and fill them with her own homemade apricot jelly.

These are filled with a fresh pomegranate jelly made with seasonal pomegranates, some sugar and a teaspoon of agar-agar; the agar-agar is a food I would recommend you seek out in Asian markets. It will jell anything in about an hour, is 100% natural (made from algeas) and suitable for vegans.

Agar-agar can be substituted with plain gelatin or pectin.



  • 2 large pomegranates
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of agar-agar


  • 250 g. all-purpose unbleached flour
  • 180 g. of unsalted butter
  • 75 g. of powdered sugar
  • dash of salt
  • 50 g. of almond meal
  • rind of one large orange or lemon
  • 1 small egg+1 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp of orange blossom water and 1 tsp of vanilla extract (can substitute same amount of dark rum)


  1. Chuck the pomegranates and place them in the bowl of a food processor; run the machine for a few seconds until the juice is formed; transfer the contents of the bowl onto a bowl lined with a sieve and press on the arils to extract even more juice. You should have about 1 cup of juice.
  2. Place the pomegranate juice and sugar in a saucepan; bring to a simmer while stirring from time to time until the sugar is dissolved. Add the agar-agar and keep stirring for two minutes. Cool.

For the pastry:

  1. Place the flour, salt, sugar and almond flour in the bowl of a mixer; add the orange rind and mix well to combine. Add the egg, egg yolk, butter cut into small squares, vanilla and orange blossom water. Mix until a dough forms, taking care not to over mix. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for one hour or overnight.
  2. Cut the dough in half and roll out between two sheets of wax paper; cut into desired shapes and bake in a 350F oven for 15 minutes or so. Cool then fill with jelly and enjoy!


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  1. Belinda @zomppa says:

    What beautiful cookies! Love the shape and love the pomegranate!

  2. Cherine says:

    I love sablés. I will pass your recipe to my mom, she will love to try it.

  3. Peter says:

    These are so pretty, the crescent moon (from jam) peeking out of these cookies. Happy Eid el Adha to those celebrating!

  4. Susan says:

    What a lovely tea-time treat! I’ve not cooked with agar-agar yet but must look for some.

  5. Melanie@MelanieCooks says:

    These cookies are beautiful! What unique shape, and looks so delicate!

  6. T.W. Barritt says:

    Beautiful cookies – I have several recipes that I bake during the holidays that my grandmother’s used to bake – It’s always nice to have that sweet memory.

  7. Magic of Spice says:

    Happy Eid el-Adha! These are just beautiful and I adore all things pomegranate so these I would love without a doubt 🙂
    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend…

  8. Amanda says:

    How lovely!!! I wish I had some with tea right now.

  9. Yvonne says:

    These are absolutely beautiful–and so perfect! My mom would love to have this recipe since she is always on the lookout for jam or jelly decorative cookies like these. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Chiara says:

    These cookies are lovely! What unique shape, so chic! Have a good day Joumana…

  11. Jennifer says:

    These cookies are so lovely!

  12. Velva says:

    Oh my. I really enjoy these type of cookies, and with fresh jam to fill the center…No words would be necessary. In your photo, I noticed a cup of strong coffee, love it.


  13. Nadji says:

    Le sourire de ces sablés est des plus provocateurs.
    Je croquerai avec plaisir dedans.
    A très bientôt

  14. Jamie says:

    I was just about to make crostata with jam… and I love the idea of sablés prepared with a jam filling! I love pomagranites and I’ll bet the jelly is fabulous! I would love to try making this!

  15. domi says:

    Délicieux ces sablés à la confiture, j’aime…

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